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Wild Mushroom Tacos

From time to time I like to come up with recipes utilizing foraged foods that are a departure from the simple routine preparations. That is not to say I don’t like simple foraged recipes. Straightforward with minimal ingredients is central to serving up foraged foods but it is sometimes nice to mix up these ingredients in more random ways. I think this recipe does the trick and puts the flavor of your fresh and tasty mushrooms right up front. If you are up for giving handmade tortillas a try (yes!), the recipe follows. Read more…


Handmade Tortillas

I sense a bit of uncertainty for many folks that like to cook when it comes to making your own tortillas, but they really are quite quick and easy to make. And of course they are one of a kind. I have made them for a long time and have used numerous instructions. I can now throw them together like clockwork and have tried here to both combine all the tips and tricks necessary to make them easy for the first timer.  There are only two ingredients but making tortillas is all about the method and the details. Read more…

Spring Asparagus Garden Mix

I planted asparagus in my garden two years ago and this spring my patience paid off. I have gardened for my entire life but this is the first time I have eaten fresh asparagus from my own garden and it was well worthwhile. Asparagus has the distinction of being one of the few perennial vegetables grown on a regular basis, that is, those that can be harvested each year without replanting. Read more…


Dandelion Greens n’ Garlic

When you put just a few ingredients together in just the right way it is very satisfying and this is what I believe cooking is really all about. I also really get a kick out of shopping in my own yard for the ingredients. I have prepared dandelion greens many times and I prefer them smoothered in garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. It makes for a great side to just about anything. Read more…


Zucchini Cakes with Charred Sweet Pepper Sauce

zucchini-fritter2This recipe cheats the fall season a little by using summer garden vegetables that have their days numbered but are still around, barely. If there are two vegetables that are here and then gone completely until the next season it’s tomatoes and peppers. You simply cannot get them fresh and they also won’t survive being shipped so when they are gone they are gone. Read more…


Spring Scorched Vegetables

DSCN0619Sometimes it’s nice to have limited ingredient choices as this helps to direct the creation of a recipe. Here I use almost everything that’s ready in my early spring garden this year. Although every fruit is a perennial plant, only a few vegetables are, asparagus being an exception. Read more…


Blackberry Pinot Noir Frozen Dessert

sorbet1This dessert is a bit unique – big juicy blackberries or boysenberries combined with wine and some richness yet it is still delicious, cold, and refreshing. It’s a good dessert for a dinner party as it is easily made ahead. Read more…


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