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Wood Fired Salmon On a Maple Log

sal9I love to BBQ with hardwood and this method brings salmon back to its natural earthy roots. The first time salmon was ever cooked in the Northwest it would have been prepared similarly and tasted like just this. Slow cooking with wood imparts a thick flavor, similar to smoked salmon, yet retains the juiciness of fresh cooked salmon. Read more…


Winter Pesto


This pesto is really tasty on a variety of foods. Just a dollop on salmon, pasta, vegetables, asparagus, or my Mushroom Tater Dumplins’ really adds a lot of fresh flavor.  In the middle of winter this recipe was one of few ideas I could come up with and it really is a good way to make something out of nothing.   Read more…

Mushroom Tater Dumplins’

photoPotatoes are really the only edible of any substance I have left growing in my yard this season, for this recipe I used potatoes I found growing in our compost bin. A quick look through my wife’s gluten free pantry uncovered some potato flour and tapioca starch. Read more…

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