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Nutritious culinary and healing recipes collected from the North American garden, orchard, forest, river and ocean

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Purple Probiotic

photo (13)Fermented foods first came across my radar about a decade ago, at the time they were more of a novelty item but have since become very popular and are well represented in  grocery stores. This is definitely not a new way to prepare and eat food, it has simply been missing from the modern diet for awhile.  Read more…


Garden Stock

6This recipe is as easy as it gets. Instead of throwing those vegetable scraps in the compost, make something useful and delicious out of them. Vegetable stock can be made in any portion you like and has a variety of uses, a soup base, rice, or just to sip on (the best use).   Read more…

Cast Iron Skillet Woodsman’s Pie

photo (57)The freshest of the garden vegetables are long gone by winter, however nutritious meals can still be put together. This Northwest version of the classic Shepherd’s Pie is especially loaded with vitamins and minerals and is a hearty winter dinner for the whole family. Read more…

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