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Acorn Flour

The incredible edible acorn. The Oak tree is one of the most wide spread trees in the world and the acorn was a staple of the human diet going back literally forever (human forever at least). It is seldom used anymore because other grains and nuts are easier to make into flours on a large scale. I think it’s a worthwhile project to collect acorns and process them into flour which it can be stored long term. The flour is sweet and earthy, a really interesting flavor. Read more…


Gelatin Jigglers

There really is nothing like food gloriously suspended in gelatin animation. Grandiose jello mixtures seemed to be quite popular with my grandparents’ generation. To be honest, I was never a fan of these preparations to say the least. I have always liked contrasting flavors but not so much with the random ingredients peering at me from the inside of their jello world. Real gelatin however is such a great ingredient to include in the diet and we do often in our house. Read more…

Summer Shrimp Cocktail

Recipes that pair well with a cold glass of white wine on a hot day are a good category I would say. This is an arrangement of fresh ingredients and there are no melding of flavors with this summer style dish as you would commonly encounter with a winter stew or sauce that has been slow cooked. Each ingredient stands out completely on its own and is easily recognized individually as you take each bite. Thus the appeal of seasonal eating. Read more…


Cod with Crunch Salad

When the weather gets warm, I want fresh foods and I want crunchy foods.  A light fish with a whole bunch of crunch fits the bill. The combination here is a little unique but it works and most seem to like random combinations of ingredients these days, so here you go. Read more…


Spring Asparagus Garden Mix

I planted asparagus in my garden two years ago and this spring my patience paid off. I have gardened for my entire life but this is the first time I have eaten fresh asparagus from my own garden and it was well worthwhile. Asparagus has the distinction of being one of the few perennial vegetables grown on a regular basis, that is, those that can be harvested each year without replanting. Read more…


Herb Encrusted whitefish


Spring has not quite started yet but fresh herbs are already showing up in my garden.This recipe is easy and versatile and the simple herb combination complements rather than overwhelms this wonderful fish. Read more…


Coffee-Molasses Braised Short Ribs with Root Puree

ribs3Braising meat is nearly foolproof and you end up with a succulent gourmet meal. Short ribs, like so many other grainy meats, were once the cheap cuts but have now become more popular as slow-cooking and braising have caught on. Read more…


Stuffed Zucchini Blossom and Heirloom Tomato Salad


Zucchini blossoms are a great seasonal ingredient and a fun one to work with. Yes, you will get a little less zucchini when you harvest the flowers to eat but I think anyone who has grown zucchini can agree that this is just fine. The fried zucchini blossom sitting atop a fresh heirloom tomato salad is a divine treat. Thank you, garden! Read more…


Oregon Grape Jelly


Oregon Grape may just be the most underused yet widely available foraging opportunity out there. Oregon Grape grows all over the northwest and beyond, it’s also an especially popular landscaping plant. Read more…


Cod with Morels and Garden Peas (Surf n’ Earth)

DSCN0838If I could only eat two categories of foods, they would be fish and vegetables. Cod is a mellow tasting fish, ready to be prepared with other ingredients and it really shines when fried up with only butter cooked up hot and fast. Read more…


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