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Handmade Tortillas

I sense a bit of uncertainty for many folks that like to cook when it comes to making your own tortillas, but they really are quite quick and easy to make. And of course they are one of a kind. I have made them for a long time and have used numerous instructions. I can now throw them together like clockwork and have tried here to both combine all the tips and tricks necessary to make them easy for the first timer.  There are only two ingredients but making tortillas is all about the method and the details. Read more…


Spring Asparagus Garden Mix

I planted asparagus in my garden two years ago and this spring my patience paid off. I have gardened for my entire life but this is the first time I have eaten fresh asparagus from my own garden and it was well worthwhile. Asparagus has the distinction of being one of the few perennial vegetables grown on a regular basis, that is, those that can be harvested each year without replanting. Read more…

Dandelion Greens n’ Garlic

When you put just a few ingredients together in just the right way it is very satisfying and this is what I believe cooking is really all about. I also really get a kick out of shopping in my own yard for the ingredients. I have prepared dandelion greens many times and I prefer them smoothered in garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. It makes for a great side to just about anything. Read more…


Herbal Teas

herbtea4Making tea out of your fresh garden herbs is so easy you will wonder why it took you so long to start doing it, I did at least. Any fresh herb can be dried and made into tea. You can make tea from just one herb variety or combine several to make a more complex tasting herbal tea.
This quick drying method is fast, simple and works the same for any fresh herb you have on hand. Rather than let the leaves slowly air dry (which does work) using the oven on low heat quickly achieves the same result. Read more…


Seaweed Salad

seaweedSeaweed has become a much more common food in the western world lately and that is a great thing as seaweed is a nutritional powerhouse. Although it is bountiful on the west coast very little of our local seaweed is ever consumed. Read more…


Garden Soup

gardensoupIt’s feast or famine with fresh tomatoes and peppers in the northwest as well as many other climates, and the window to enjoy them always closes too soon.  I wish we had more time to utilize these vegetables in their fresh state but that’s life, so now is the last chance for a tomato party! Read more…


Quick Pickles (Quickles)

pickle2Back in the day, people would can large amounts of pickles and vegetables because they had gardens so bountiful they needed a way to store the food surplus over the winter. Read more…


Lost in the Woods Tea

woodstea4So you found that your hike has taken a wrong turn, maybe even a few wrong turns. Well, it doesn’t hurt to have a few tricks up your sleeve to try and stay well and energetic in case such a thing were to happen. And don’t feel embarrassed as this kinda thing happens to the best of us. Most importantly you will hopefully have water or be able to find a water source. Read more…


Rose City Salad

Rose petp12als are edible and each variety has a unique sweet aromatic flavor which taste not exactly like, but similar to a strawberry. The different varieties (colors) have variances in flavor and aromatics with the dark side of the spectrum generally being the more intense.  Read more…


Garden Stock

6This recipe is as easy as it gets. Instead of throwing those vegetable scraps in the compost, make something useful and delicious out of them. Vegetable stock can be made in any portion you like and has a variety of uses, a soup base, rice, or just to sip on (the best use).   Read more…


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