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Deconstructed Spring Vegetable & Fish Soup

If you did your garden up just right you might have all the vegetables you need as this is a fairly common group of late spring/early summer garden offerings.  Of course they will all be easy to find at farmer’s markets as well. If you have never tried plucking pea leaves off and cooking with them, this is a good chance to give it a try. Baby spinach is a good substitute if you don’t have peas actively growing in the garden. Read more…


A Better Vegetable Stock

Vegetable stocks frequently come out dull and flavorless. This recipe attempts to remedy some of the missteps that prevent these veggies from reaching their full potential. Unlike a meat based stock that would be covered and cooked for hours, this recipe is cooked much quicker as the volume of liquid reduces to concentrate the flavor. The most important ingredient in a vegetable stock is anything from the onion (allium) family as this is where much of the flavor will come from. Read more…

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