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Herbal Teas

herbtea4Making tea out of your fresh garden herbs is so easy you will wonder why it took you so long to start doing it, I did at least. Any fresh herb can be dried and made into tea. You can make tea from just one herb variety or combine several to make a more complex tasting herbal tea.
This quick drying method is fast, simple and works the same for any fresh herb you have on hand. Rather than let the leaves slowly air dry (which does work) using the oven on low heat quickly achieves the same result. Read more…


Lost in the Woods Tea

woodstea4So you found that your hike has taken a wrong turn, maybe even a few wrong turns. Well, it doesn’t hurt to have a few tricks up your sleeve to try and stay well and energetic in case such a thing were to happen. And don’t feel embarrassed as this kinda thing happens to the best of us. Most importantly you will hopefully have water or be able to find a water source. Read more…

Nettle Bisque and Herbal Tea

nettlebisqueOne of the very best foraging greens is the stinging nettle. If you consider yourself a foodie you have to try this ingredient. It has a very unique essence, and unique in a good way. Its culinary use fits in somewhere between a salad green and an herb. Read more…

Wild Rose Immune Boosting Tea

wildroseThe summer flowers of the rambling rose are appreciated but as the petals fall, the plant is mostly forgotten and a great opportunity is often missed as the rose hip (the fruit of the wild rose) emerges in fall and usually persists on the plant well into the winter. The rose hip is an excellent source of vitamin C and can be dried and stored for long term use. Read more…

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