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Wild Rice & Mushroom Chicken Soup

There is a variety of wild rice native to North America and of course a whole bunch of mushrooms too. You may have noticed that common wild rice mixes usually have a minimal amount of this really long dark brown rice included in them. Well, that is our native rice. It’s delicious, chewy and adds a great texture to soups. Might as well mention it is also high in folate, antioxidants, protein, and several minerals. Read more…


Oregon Grape Jelly


Oregon Grape may just be the most underused yet widely available foraging opportunity out there. Oregon Grape grows all over the northwest and beyond, it’s also an especially popular landscaping plant. Read more…

Bones n’ Guts Recipes


Eating something a little different can be exciting. Maybe you have not tried it before or are not sure if you want to eat it altogether. We are not generally grossed out by a chicken breast or a slice of ham but those pieces are only part of the animal. Read more…


Seaweed Salad

seaweedSeaweed has become a much more common food in the western world lately and that is a great thing as seaweed is a nutritional powerhouse. Although it is bountiful on the west coast very little of our local seaweed is ever consumed. Read more…


Cherry Bison Stew


Winter goes on for awhile in the west and the usual meat ‘n potato recipes can become a little stale. Bison, cherries, and butternut squash bring three completely different flavors and textures together for a stew that breaks up this boredom. Read more…


Rustic Cran-Pear & Acorn Muffins


Fall and holiday flavors may just be the most distinctive and cherished of all the seasons. Here, some of the usual holiday ingredients combined with one you probably have not used before, the earthy acorn flour, which grounds these lively flavors and ties them together for something totally unique. Read more…


Mushroom Tater Dumplins’

photoPotatoes are really the only edible of any substance I have left growing in my yard this season, for this recipe I used potatoes I found growing in our compost bin. A quick look through my wife’s gluten free pantry uncovered some potato flour and tapioca starch. Read more…


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