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Nutritious culinary and healing recipes collected from the North American garden, orchard, forest, river and ocean

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Forest Kissed Cedar Plank Salmon

One of my culinary interests is using ingredients collected from the same place, or even all wild ingredients. It’s also exciting to imagine what native people would have prepared with no grocery store and only the rivers, fields, forest and garden to shop. Now this is not necessarily a native American recipe but it could be similar to something they may have prepared as berries and herbs were commonly used to season fish and game. Read more…




If you love the beautiful and delicious flesh of wild salmon this is a great way to savor it. Fish has been prepared with salt for centuries in a similar fashion; the salt quickly cures the meat. This is one of the world’s oldest recipes. Read more…

The Urban Farmer’s Breakfast


There is something to be said for gathering your entire meal from your yard. Also, why not switch up the usual starch, dairy, and fat typically consumed for breakfast. Here is a good way to introduce some vegetables into your day early and it is quick to prepare. Read more…

Nettle Bisque and Herbal Tea

nettlebisqueOne of the very best foraging greens is the stinging nettle. If you consider yourself a foodie you have to try this ingredient. It has a very unique essence, and unique in a good way. Its culinary use fits in somewhere between a salad green and an herb. Read more…

Wood Fired Salmon On a Maple Log

sal9I love to BBQ with hardwood and this method brings salmon back to its natural earthy roots. The first time salmon was ever cooked in the Northwest it would have been prepared similarly and tasted like just this. Slow cooking with wood imparts a thick flavor, similar to smoked salmon, yet retains the juiciness of fresh cooked salmon. Read more…

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