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Wild Mushroom Soup

The only thing that really matters when constructing a good soup is to pack in the flavor every which way possible, and when using mushrooms it’s hard to get this wrong. This soup can be made with 100% wild mushrooms but it is also quite good with domestic mushrooms or a mix of the two. It is a good idea to use both dried and fresh mushrooms as the dried mushrooms render a very flavorful broth. Read more…


Good Ol’ Days Style Chowder with Steelhead

juneI tried to recreate this chowder in a similar style that I remember from my childhood at Oregon coast restaurants. Fresh seafood swimming in a sea of seasonal garden veggies. These days I frequently find chowder to be a white gloppy mess.   Read more…

Nettle Bisque and Herbal Tea

nettlebisqueOne of the very best foraging greens is the stinging nettle. If you consider yourself a foodie you have to try this ingredient. It has a very unique essence, and unique in a good way. Its culinary use fits in somewhere between a salad green and an herb. Read more…

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