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Herb Encrusted whitefish


Spring has not quite started yet but fresh herbs are already showing up in my garden.This recipe is easy and versatile and the simple herb combination complements rather than overwhelms this wonderful fish. You can use any type of whitefish (although Halibut is hard to beat) and any herbs that are on hand. Although this is a good herb combination, fresh Basil and Oregano are good choices to add in as well. Cooking the fish at medium temperature keeps it nice and moist and prevents the fresh herbs from drying out. This fish can be prepared on the stovetop as well as the BBQ.

Herb Encrusted whitefish

1 lb pacific halibut or other whitefish steak

Fresh chopped herbs:

Parsley, Thyme,

Tarragon, Dill

Clarified (Ghee) Butter

S n P

Pat fish dry and sprinkle fish with salt and pepper first, then coat with finely chopped fresh herbs, about ¼ cup chopped and packed. It’s best to use mostly Parsley and Tarragon and a little less Dill and Oregano as these two are stronger.

Place the fish in a glass dish and place back in the refrigerator for at least an hour which will help the herbs stick to the fish. Drizzle butter in grill pan or skillet and heat burner to medium.

For a thick fish such as halibut cook first on top side for about 5 minutes, before flipping and cooking 3-5 minutes more. As filets are removed from pan the thick skins should easily peel away. Set filets aside on a kitchen towel for a minute to allow juices to drain before plating.

This recipe can be prepared on BBQ grill by starting an indirect fire and cooking fish first 5 minutes with grill lid up and last 10 with the lid down. Indirect heat is simply spreading the coals apart into two in order to create a space between two fires to grill over.  Makes 2 servings

Tips: To tell if fish is done use the poke test. The fish should be firm but also slightly spongy in the middle when poked with a finger.  Whitefishes tend to release clear juices which is also a helpful indication.  After doing this a few times you will soon be an expert.


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