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Turkey Pozole

I am always looking for interesting ways to bring that leftover turkey back to life. Pozole is a delicious soup that is probably unlike what you might typically make with Thanksgiving leftovers. The addition of several toppings contrasting in both flavor and texture really make pozole especially delicious. Pozole is made with different meats but most typically slow-cooked pork, which of course renders a delicious broth. Here, we are using already cooked turkey so the addition of chicken stock is necessary but it all comes together in the end. Read more…


Turkey Pumpkin Tamales

tamale7 If you are looking for an interesting way to recycle your Thanksgiving leftovers, look no further. How many dried out turkey sandwiches can you eat anyway? This recipe looks a little different than the usual tamale, however Turkey and Pumpkin along with epazote, clove… well heck, this entire list of ingredients used here are native to North America and were commonly utilized by the ancient peoples of Mexico. Read more…

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